Dearest friends,

We are your massage therapists that care for you, our patients, like you are our family. We have remained open hoping our care is giving your bodies the boost in your immune system that we know you all need. You have relied on us to protect your individual health and now we feel it is in the interest of your best health to go on a hiatus.

We will be on hiatus until May 25th, 2020. We will be available by phone, email, text, and our Facebook page during our short break! You can book online anytime for sessions after the 25th of May!

Surely we are all having feelings of unrest that have us feeling unwell. Know that you are as healthy as you think you are, your mind and body depend on that! Maintain good health in exercise and diet…we cannot wait to treat you again starting May 25th!

The LOMT dream team